Guilt shows and I really hate it when I see it in people. It dishearten and pains me when it means something. I don’t need such feelings.

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Some particles

Finally got myself a breather after chronically panicking over the Principle of Strength training practical test on the Wednesday that just passed. Everything just went to shambles during the few days prior the test. Monday morning I was incubating the flu bug, and barely the day over I have myself feeling “fever” that apparently no one else can feel.(boiling eyeballs in my eye socket what not) :/
Well shortly after my nose started running and my vision went teary/blurry. Tuesday night being down with flu I was trying to find the correlation between the weight training’s name and the type of weight training itself till the wee hours of the night/morning/4am/school next morning.

And well, (regretfully) studied more weights/flexibility exercises though editing lecture. I guess it was well worth the effort, besides screwing up a little (BIG TIME) when the tutor had to keep asking me what else I had to tell her (My brain blanked = white piece of paper). And this is me trying to forget forget forget how terrible it could all mean to my chance of survival in the bell curve. What? what bell curve? What test? My best friend is the big D, DENIAL. gotcha.

And here I am recounting the week of fever and blood, my flu has taken the back seat after a whole afternoon of tormenting a flu induced teary me. I’m tired. My fingers are feeling weird and tingly. But the light from this screen keeps me awake, for now, for a moment.

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