I had a dream that

I opened my eyes and found myself standing under the sea. I held my right fist up and opened it to find flour in my palm. I needed to get to the surface to save what was left of it. As I closed my fingers over my palm, wisps of the pearlescent powder escaped from my clutches. I kicked, towards the surface suddenly needing air yet I was so far from the waving light of the surface. The flour in my hand was thinning in my grasp, slipping through my fingers as I struggled to not inhale the smothering sea water or releasing my fist. My fist, a knob, an amputated limb. Present and mostly useless. Holding on as only but a scarred reminder.
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“Just because someone
stumbles and loses their
way, it doesn’t mean they
are lost forever.
Sometimes we all need
a little help.”
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Skinny Mint

Hi guys, today’s Sunday, marking the last morning having the after effects of SkinnyMint’s Night Cleanse Tea.
I bought the 14 day teatox from Skinny Mint after seeing that it ships to Singapore. Prior to that, similar teatox tea brands that I’ve come across Skinny Teatox, Skinny Me Tea, all shipped mostly within the US, Canada or Australia.
Essentially, what you get is 14 day tea packs and 7 night tea packs, the latter which you drink on alternate nights starting on the second night of the 14 day cleanse. The taste of the teas might come off strong at first but grows on you after awhile.
Day 1: After the first day I definitely could see the difference with my tummy, I mean if it looks flatter it probably means I’ve only seen a bloated tummy all these while.
I would say this “debloated” stomach effect does fade through the two weeks, I’m not too sure if it’s due to some changing factors (diet mainly). Also, the tea seems to be less strong especially towards the end of the 14 days. It might be a conditioned effect.
Night tea: I do have a higher threshold for the natural laxatives included in the night tea. It wasn’t diarrhoea per se, but every morning(or afternoon) where I wake, I feel the urge to visit the toilet. I personally take 2-3 days to visit the toilet for the bigger business(of the two businesses you could have with the toilet) So the night tea worked out pretty well for me. Well, the poop, if you see it, you will know you are being detoxed.

Well I had an increase in touch trainings and I needed to change my diet i.e. increased hunger. So I can’t exactly track my weight during these 14 days. It however made me notice that as whole, that I’m a lot less bloated.
I guess if you are looking for a miracle slimming tea, where you drink and slim down, this wouldn’t do. I heard there are other rather serious slimming teas that you could get from traditional medical halls. Their advert is real charming but those slim tan girls aren’t going to be magically what we’d see in the mirror after 14 days.
But it does a decent job of detoxing as far as I know, nothing too strong. (I’ve read reviews of people having a real bad reaction with the dosage of laxatives from the other detox tea brands.) A 30 day program will do real nice to balance out a tea drinking lifestyle. Drinking tea day and night really has an effect, I wouldn’t know for sure if it’s the tea or the idea of tea or the combination of both.
It is in general a rather pleasant experience, it gives you something to look forward to health wise (spiritual/physical). It’s also a good source of motivation and it would compliment a diet/workout plan if you intend to start on a new regiment!
Here’s my rendition of teas post detox. And I hope this review gives you a better idea of what it’s about :)

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Sometimes I get this feeling that everything that is placed in my path wilts. And I can’t do anything to stop it.
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